New Puppy Shopping List

Congratulations on your new Labradoodle puppy!

We’ve compiled a list of supplies you might need for bringing your new Freedom Labradoodles’ puppy home, including links to some of our suggested products. 

If you have any questions about supplies, feel free to reach out to us for our personal suggestions. We want to make this transition as enjoyable as possible for all. 

Nutrition & Health

Nutrion matters. The choice you make plays a vital role in the Health and Longevity of your pet. Here is what we recommend.



We feed and highly recommend LIFE’S ABUNDANCE. —> ORDER at our website.

There is a significant difference in quality so please don’t risk feeding your labradoodle pup anything that may be recalled, or with source ingredients from China.

Life’s Abundance is high quality & recall free.

Check and use ONLY 5-star food



NuVet Plus Wellness Wafers.  All of our dogs & labradoodle puppies get NuVet Plus daily.


NuVet gives our pets the Longest-Healthiest lives possible.  The K-9 Wafers fill in vital nutrients missing in processed pet food which boosts immunity, reduces cell damage and supports optimal health. They have a 23 year recall free record, and human grade ingredients.

Click here:  OR Call 800-474-7400, reference # 72067  (They also carry natural ear cleaner, shampoos and spot remover for potty training) They offer Auto-Ship which breaks down to about $18 a month.


Other Supplies



____ PLEASE be sure to register your microchip!!! 

____ Food and water bowls ( stainless steel – avoid plastic which can leach into the food/water )

____ Bed:  We like Wash’nZip:  Easy to clean and hard to destroy!  Get the Puppy Proofer, too. For 15% off enter code:   FREEDOM   at checkout

____ ID tag and collar

____ Puppy waste bags – for walks

____Crate or kennel – It is best to purchase a crate with a divider to remove once they grow.  This is the best way to potty train your dog.  This isn’t ‘cruel’ but actually gives your puppy comfort like a ‘den’ once they adjust to it.  They will cry at first much like a baby adjusting to a crib.



____ Puppy pee pads – if you plan to train your pup indoors at any time

____Clickers for clicker training if this is what you plan to do

____ Paper towels & spot cleaner   – for accidents

____ Teething toys

____ Puppy treats – We love Life’s Abundance, and so does your pup.  If using others CHECK INGREDIENTS! Many have fillers and ingredients that may cause upset tummies and diarrhea.

____ Good puppy books Our Suggestions:

  • How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves – by Sophia Yin
  • The Dog Listener – by Jan Fennel
  • How to Raise the Perfect Dog Through Puppyhood and Beyond – by Cesar Millan
  • The Puppy Primer – by Pat McConnell



____ Shampoo and conditioner – I use an oatmeal based shampoo- NuVet makes one. Don’t use human products- Dogs have different PH and human shampoos are irritating to the skin.

____ Dog brush and comb

____ Nail clipper

____ Dog tooth brush and toothpaste

____Ear Cleaner 


All of our puppies come with one month of Trupanion medical insurance, on us. 

Call or visit their site- and use the code from the flier below to activate within 24 hours of taking your new puppy home.

Our mission is to breed high quality pups to bring 

LOVE, JOY and LAUGHTER to your home.