Puppy Application

This application cannot be saved and re-opened at a later time. Please complete the application entirely before submission. We recommend typing all sentence-form answers in a Word Document or Note Pad in case of a submission error.

Please fill out the following personal and contact information.

First and Last
Occupations of Adult Owner/s

In this section, you may select your preferences on what kind of dog you are hoping for. You can select more than one option where applicable. Keep in mind that we may not have your exact preference of puppy available, but we can discuss options for the future.

Are you wanting to reserve a dog from a specific Dame/Litter? If yes, please specify.

In this section, please answer the following questions about family information and lifestyle. In order to make sure our puppies are going to the right homes, we require as much information as possible. Please answer all questions to the best of your ability.

Does anyone in your family suffer from Allergies or Asthma? If yes, please provide relevant details.
Do all members of your family (that reside with you) want a new puppy?
Have you, or anyone in your family, ever owned a dog before? If yes, please provide the breeds and information about them.
Select one of the following options that reflects your experience with dogs.
Have you ever relinquished a dog to an animal shelter? If yes, please explain the situation.
Please list all children that live at home, as well as their ages and experience with dogs (Very, Moderate, or None).
Do you work outside the home? If yes, how often (full/part time)?
Please select the option that best describes your lifestyle.
Do you own any other animals? If so, please describe here.
Please describe your living situation in as much detail as possible. (Example: Rent/Own, Property/House Size, Fenced Yard, Rural/Urban)
What sort of obedience training do you have planned for your future puppy?
Where will your puppy be kept during the day/when you are not home?
If you work, will your puppy be left alone?
If you answered \"All Day\" in the question above, will your puppy be provided a midday potty break and play time? Please provide details.
Where will your puppy sleep at night? Please provide details.

Please make sure that you carefully read and consider all of the questions in this section of the application. If you are not sure that your answer is \”Yes\” we encourage you to conduct more research into puppy ownership, or reach out to us via our Contact Form as we would be happy to help you determine if this breed is a good fit for you.

Are you aware of the time and energy needed to care for a young puppy and dog, and are you willing to accept that responsibility?
Will the cost of caring for your puppy fit comfortably into your budget?
Are you committed for this dog for his/her entire lifetime?
Will you be able to commit to basic obedience training for your puppy?
If you are unable to care for your dog at any point in the future, do you agree to contact us so that we can help find a suitable new home for the dog?
Do you agree to provide your dog with all of the necessary Veterinary Care to maintain good health?
Do you understand that if you decide you are no longer interested in a puppy before one is placed with you, that your deposit will not be returned to you?
Name of Veterinarian or Clinic that you use/plan to use.
Phone Number of Veterinarian or Clinic
Have you used this Vet/Clinic before?
If you answered \"Yes\" to the above question, do we have your permission to contact them?

Please provide the names and phone numbers of 2 personal references. (Non-Family Members only)

First, Last, and Relation
First, Last, and Relation
How did you hear about our Puppies? exp: -Facebook -Instagram -google -ALAA -Family/friend -Other
If you have any questions for us, or would like more information, please write them in the box below.
Form Agreement
By submitting this application, you indicate that your answers have been answered honestly, and to the best of your ability. You admit to understanding the statements and questions on this form, and if an intentionally false statements have been given, Freedom Labradoodles has the right to refuse the sale at any point during the process.
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