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To make the transition into your home and family as smooth as possible, we offer full support for our customers. Here you will find important advice for nutrition and care, suggested items and links for purchase of products we recommend.

Nutrition and Health

Nutrition matters! The choice you make plays a vital role in the health and longevity of your pet, its happiness and related behaviors!

NuVet Products:


Here at the Freedom Labradoodle kennels we feed and recommend Purina's Pro Plan Puppy (shredded chicken). Contrary to some advice you may have heard, it is best to stay consistent with a dry kibble, not feeding table food or other mixing other types. This will eliminate begging behavior and help maintain good dental hygiene. Contrary to popular practice, treating dogs with food from your table, especially while the family is eating is contrary to consistent growth and health of the dog, not to mention behavior. It is recommended to feed your dog while you are eating, so they become accustomed to having and looking forward to their meal. Guests to your home should be advised not to offer food or other treats to your dog.

supplements and care

All of our dogs & labradoodle puppies get NuVet Plus supplements daily, see this link: NuVet Plus Wellness Wafers.  


We have found over time and experience that this product provides for a long and healthy life for your new pet. The K-9 Wafers from NuVet supply critical nutrients missing in processed pet food. The result is increased immunity, reduced cell damage and general support for optimal health. NuVet boasts a 23-year recall free record, and human grade ingredients.

Follow this link, www.nuvet.com/72067 ,

or call 800-474-7400, with reference number 72067

NuVet also offers a natural ear cleaner, shampoos and a handy spot remover for potty training. Take advantage of their Auto-ship program, the cost averaging a reasonable $18 per month.


Inform yourself about local requirements for registration of your dog, and be sure to properly indicate your dog's microchip number! In case your dog wanders, and ID tag and collar are essential. Proper adjustment is needed, you should be easily able to insert two fingers inside the collar without difficulty. Don't forget the leash and bags to collect waste during walks.

Food and Water bowls

Stainless steel is your best option! Avoid plastic, which can leach into water and cause acne.


Our best selection has been the Wash’nZip bed, easy to clean and hard to destroy! See this great product at   www.washnzippetbed.com  Get the Puppy Proofer, too. 

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Puppy pee pads are helpful, as is a crate or kennel... dogs surprisingly feel safe inside their small sleep area, and will go there instinctively when they know that is their spot. Start with a small space, and they will want to escape that area to relieve themselves. Stay attentive, and be sure to take them outside when needed, wait for them to do their business and take them immediately back to their space. Gradually increase the space, and their kennel becomes the entire home, where they will not want to relieve themselves. A clicker is useful, to signal unwanted behavior, used selectively. A simple plastic bottle twist is an effective alternative. Be sure to provide teething toys, and remember that chewing is helpful to maintain dental hygiene and health. Use appropriate treats in small quantities to immediately reward behavior!


See the TruVet link above for recommended products. We use their oatmeal shampoo and their ear cleaner. Do not use human shampoos and conditioners, dogs have a different pH and need specifically designed products. You will need an appropriate dog brush and comb, and nail clipper; carefully trim below the split. Have a quick-stop product available in case of bleeding, which should be avoided! Yes... a toothbrush and dog toothpaste.


We proudly recommend Trupanion for pet insurance...

Call or visit their site at www.trupanion.com and use the code from the flier below to activate within 24 hours of your new puppy's arrival at your home.

Other Essentials



Dedicated to the well-being of the Australian Labradoodle, c believe that educated owners are the best owners, and are committed to being the breed’s leader of education. By cataloging helpful information about the breed and offering networking services to breeders and owners, they promote responsible dog companionship and strive to make a positive difference in the Australian Labradoodle community. For more information you may contact us or visit the ALAA website.

By cataloging over 20,000 dogs and further ancestral information for 25,000 more, vital statistics have provided a standard that represents the ideal for this incredible breed.

Golden Paw Breeder Award

Recognizes breeders who maintain higher health standards for dogs, as well as recurring investment in health testing. This assures litters come from healthy parents, and new owners that they will have a long, healthy relationship with their new pet.