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Left to Right: Sparkles, Daisy, Peaches N Cream, and Bella.

Meet the Yetters!

In our 40 years together, we have always had dogs.  With three children and as many grandchildren, our lives are rich and full.

Salem, Oregon- where we’ve made our home- was where our first encounter with Australian Labradoodles occurred just a few years ago.

We will never be the same, and we certainly wouldn’t go back!

Dallas and Tamara Yetter

Owners and Operators 

Freedom Labradoodles

Salem, Oregon

One doodle, two doodles, three doodles, four;  breeding them would make us love them even more.

Our Australian Labradoodles train easily, love unconditionally, are easier on allergies and shedding, and are as huggable as a teddy bear.

The Australian Labradoodles we breed are all Australian Labradoodles American Association certified doodles. They are Silver Paw and Gold Paw certified with the ALAA. You can read more about what this means by visiting our ALAA Certification Page. 

Our dogs are family. 

We consistently walk, train, and play.  We find ourselves laughing and enjoying their many antics. They always seem to be smiling, with a wagging tail and ready spirit.

We are so pleased to make the world a better place with our beautiful Australian Labradoodles.  They have fit right in to our home where love abounds. We hope to spread that love to others by bringing more Australian Labradoodles into the world, and hopefully into your caring home.

Our Dam’s that we are actively breeding have come from our retired Dam’s past litters (pictured above), or have been acquired from other breeders. 

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