Dog Care

Get your home ready!

To make the transition into your home and family as smooth as possible, we offer full support for our customers. Here you will find important advice for nutrition and care, suggested items and links for purchase of products we recommend.

Preparing for your puppy:

Nutrition is the primary way you can love your dog. The choice you make plays a vital role in the health and longevity of your pet, its happiness and related behaviors! A healthy dog is a happy dog.

Health and Nutrition

We feed and recommend XXXXXXXX. Stay consistent with a dry kibble, and do not feed table food or mix in other types. This will eliminate begging behavior and help maintain good dental hygiene and nutrition. Feed your dog in a consistent location distant from your dining and food prep area . Guests should be advised not to offer food or other treats to your dog. You must maintain your puppy’s health by instilling good habits for a lifetime of joy and good health.

Your puppy’s food

Use stainless steel water and food bowls, as plastic can leach into water, accumulate food debris and cause acne. Don’t fill bowls from garden hoses, which are not intended for drinking water.


All of our dogs and puppies receive supplements daily, see this link for supplement and grooming products and enjoy a 15% discount: NuVet Plus Wellness Wafers, or call 800-474-7400, and mention reference number 72067

Registration and ID

Be sure to inform yourself about local requirements for registration of your new puppy, and be sure to properly record your dog’s microchip number! In case your dog wanders, and ID tag and collar are essential. Proper adjustment is needed, you should be easily able to insert two fingers inside the collar without difficulty. Don’t forget the leash and bags to collect waste during your daily walks.

Your new dog will need a place to feel safe. The bonus in kennel or crate training is that dogs will not relieve themselves where they sleep. Gradually increase their area, and your home becomes for them where they sleep, naturally leaving them to want to go outside. It is important that they initially go outside. Watch them closely, and immediately after they should be returned to their inside designated space.

Household Training


Our best selection has been the Wash’nZip bed, easy to clean and hard to destroy! See this great product at  Enter the code FREEDOM at checkout for 15% off! Get the Puppy Proofer, too.

Your dog will be happy after a good grooming… and healthy! Enjoy a 15% discount by following this link: NuVet Plus Wellness Wafers. We use their oatmeal shampoo and ear cleaner. Do not use human shampoos and conditioners, as dogs have a different pH and need specifically designed products. You will need an appropriate dog brush and comb, and nail clipper; carefully trim below the split. Kwik-Stop is available in case of bleeding, which should be avoided! Yes… a toothbrush and dog toothpaste.



For the many unanticipated situations that can arise with pets, we recommend Trupanion for your pet insurance. Visit their site at and use the code ___________. .Activate within 24 hours of your new puppy’s arrival at your home. One day you’ll be glad you protected your pet.