Juliet’s Puppies

Juliet’s debut litter has all been homed! To reserve a future labradoodle puppy from Juliet, we encourage you to submit an application and make a deposit ASAP. A list of our planned litters is kept updated on our homepage.

Besides pouring on the love, we also microchip, vaccinate, and aptitude test our puppies.

Most Recent Litter

View Juliet’s most recent litter as a preview of what we expect from her in the future!








Picture Taken on: 4/27/2022








Picture Taken on: 4/27/2022









Picture Taken on: 4/27/2022

Total Cost per Puppy: $3105


Reservation Fee Required $515


Final Payment $2590

 Estimated shipping cost is currently between $500-$600. Shipping cost is contingent upon various expenses including: vet assessments, kennel purchase, and flight cost at the time of travel.

Litter Details

This is Juliet’s first litter, and it was sired by Freedom’s Beau. More information on this litter is coming soon.

    Juliet- dam at freedom labradoodles

    Meet the Mom: Freedom’s “Juliet”